• Terms & Conditions for Track Access
  • The fob entitles members access to the TET Stadium grounds, Jubilee Park, Inglewood.
  • Tags cost: $100 Couples annually, $60 individual annually, $40 six months, $25 one month.
  • All access includes in free bluetooth access via your mobile phone. Tags are additional $30.
  •  If access is not renewed after 12 months then fobs must be returned or a replacement fee of
    $30 is issued
  • Replacement/lost fobs are $30
  • You will be automatically added to our database and sent repeating invoices for your purchase.
  • It is required that everyone actively using the facility has their own fob/bluetooth access. This
    fob is for a single user and access is limited solely to this person. Misuse of this requirement
    may result in access being terminated. We have cameras on our gate access.
  • At no time does the bluetooth/fob access take precedence over a confirmed booking for the
    Stadium, and it may not be used in lieu of entrance fee charged by any group with a confirmed
  • If coming through the gate with other access holders, please still scan your fob/device for our
    records and health and safety reasons. Always scan out when leaving if the gate is open.
  • Night time training is permitted and the lights can be booked through
  • The Taranaki Community Stadium Trust reserves the right to restrict access for sporting
    events where the terms of usage for that event restricts access to the public. In the event this
    does occur, access holders will be notified via our monthly newsletter, social media and email.
  • The fob allows the Taranaki Community Stadium Trust to access individual member’s access
    records and these records may be used to report on track usage at any time.
  • Any damaged caused or noticed by individual members when using the facility should be
    notified to the Facility Manager as soon as possible.
  •  Use of the facilities is acknowledged as being at the individual member’s risk.
    Rules for the use of the Mondo Track Surface and Infield
  1. Training in Lanes 1,2,3 are prohibited
  2. Spring and hurdles training are confined to the back straight
  3. Multiple-lap repetitions and time trails to be conducted in Lane 5
  4. Resistance towing on back straight only
  5. Sprint drills which have any scuffing action are not permitted on any of the Mondo track
  6. Motor vehicles are prohibited
  7. Rugby/League players wearing footwear with sprigs, crossing the tack to the infield must
    use the matting provided for that purpose
  8. Stadium users are required to comply with all signage relating to track and field usage